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There are many matters needing attention in the use of pipe
Time:2018-06-05 01:40:05
There are many matters needing attention in the use of pipe making machines, while the installation is also the same. We must pay attention to the following matters.
1. For raw materials, if you want to use stainless steel pipe equipment for normal processing, we should pay attention to the problems of the raw materials in transportation or loading and unloading, and try not to be bruised or scratched.
Two, for the use of the site, to do the processing site to be stable, re - processed workbench, to do a good job of a number of paving, so that the worktable can be avoided in the operation of the phenomenon of scratching the steel tube.
Three. During the construction of raw materials, the raw materials for welding construction should be either cut or plasma cut. When cutting operations, use rubber like stuff to pave the way.
Four. After using stainless steel welding equipment to finish welding, clean the surface in time to ensure the best construction effect.
Five, for the completion of good welding construction, but also to do a good job of the protection of the finished products, try not to touch and other phenomena, so that the two pollution can be avoided.
Finally, before welding with stainless steel welding equipment, in order to better ensure the quality of welding, we must clean the surface of the steel pipe.
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